“Authenticity demands wholehearted living and loving, even when its hard, even when we are wrestling with the shame and fear of not being good enough, and especially when the joy is so intense that we are afraid to let ourselves feel it.” - Brene Brown


We created this product as a gentle reminder to stay true to who we are.

We are all perfectly imperfect in our own unique ways.


We love you for you.



  • Sweet osmanthus flowers

  • Golden mandarin pieces

  • Chrysanthemum flowers


The tea is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, micronutrients, and minerals. 

Along with the overall anti-inflammatory benefit, each ingredient also has its own unique health benefits:

Sweet osmanthus flower (sweet olive):

  • Enhances skin and eye health, appetite suppression/weight loss, detox, energize, reduces bloating, soothes menstrual pain, lowers blood pressure

Golden mandarin pieces (kumquat):

  • Boosts immunity, antiaging, improves digestion, aids weight loss, increases energy, decreases bloating, regulates blood sugar 

Chrysanthemum flowers:

  • Improves relaxation, lowers blood pressure, improves skin elasticity, anti-inflammatory, prevents osteoporosis


Each package contains 15** individually packaged teas 
**regular package will contain 12 tea packets; for a limited time 3 additional tea samples of assorted flavors will be included**


*This tea may not be suitable if allergic to ragweed or daisies

Soft is Powerful